Bronze Casting on Culture Night 2017


More than a hundred spectators and pupils from Dromid NS experienced the casting of bells and sculpture in Dromid at Culture Night during a 14 hours long marathon Bronze Age Casting event. While the Inny Valley was filled with the archaic drone and tunes of Bronze Age horns and the Iron Age Loughnashade Trumpa thanks to Billy Mag Fhloinn, Barry Linane and Holger cast a series of bells. Delighted that Theo Dahlke succeeded in the successful smelting of a great amount of Allihies copper ore, a great break through in a long series of experimental archaeology! 

Thanks to everyone who made the event a great success and to all the helpers on the bellows!

 Buiochas le  Ealaín na Gaeltachta, Udaras na Gaeltachta agus Forbairt na Dromoda.


Barry and Billy preparing for a bronze pour

Ready to pour 4kg of molten Bronze - about 1,200C hot! 

Ready to pour 4kg of molten Bronze - about 1,200C hot!