Umha Aois 2015


An Chré-Umha Aois 4,000 bl. ar aghaidh

For its 20 years' anniversary, Umha Aois will contribute to the Skibbereen Arts Festival 2015 by hosting a ten-day archaeology and sculpture symposium at Liss Ard Estate, Skibbereen, Co. Cork from Sat. 25th July - Sun. 2nd August 2015.

The established group of sculptors and makers will be joined by international artists and archaeologists to produce bronze objects inspired by local archaeology and in response to the Cor-ten steel architecture of the new West Cork Art Centre. The work will explore the contextual and visual tension between ancient and contemporary materials, leading to the fabrication of contemporary artwork based on the exploration of prehistoric artefacts. The use of the stone moulds, lost-wax process, clay moulds and charcoal pit-furnaces will give spectators and participants a fascinating insight in how ancient metalworking - carried out in Ireland 4,000 years ago - can result in both innovative and contemporary art objects as well as high-quality historic replicas. 

The event in the Walled Garden of Liss Ard Estate is open to the public from Sunday to Sunday 10am to 6pm and for night casting after 8pm on Thursday/Friday/Saturday. From Skibbereen, follow signs on the Castletownshend road to Liss Ard Estate.

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